Balcony fall death victims identified as Supraja Srinivas and her four – month old son

Supraja srinivas melbourne death

Photo Courtesy: SBS

The death of 31-year-old woman and her four month her old baby at an apartment building in Melbourne’s CBD on 14th July 2016 is treated as a murder suicide by the Police. The woman is identified as Supraja Srinivas and the baby ‘Shrihan’.

Supraja Srinivas, moved to Australia in 2006 after marrying Gannaram Srinivas. She was a software engineer and belonged to Nizamabad in Telengana.

the apartment

The area cordoned off by the Police

Suparja was holding her son when she fell, and they died at the scene. The bodies were found in an atrium of the apartment building. The incident happened at  City Point Apartments on the corner of Bourke and Spencer streets in Melbourne CBD.


Police believe they have fallen from the internal balcony. The incident occurred at 10:30pm on Thursday. A witness told the local media that she saw a lady going into the alleyway and then there was some screaming.

the boy

Police is not looking for any suspects in the incident.

The couple have an elder daughter aged 5 years.

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