Bundoora Park Holi Celebrations 2014

Holi Bundoora Park 2014

Holi is growing in popularity in Australia. Holi is unique because it mixes colour to playfulness while adding many colours to the strings that attach us as a society.  On 16th March 2014 Holi once again visited Bundoora Park, North of Melbourne.  By seeing the smaller crowd at Bundoora Park, I never imagined the ability of this festival to transcend the boundaries of race and culture. By being there for a few hours, it captivated me, in a way I never imagined. Kids and the adults alike enjoyed playing with colours. For some of the true blue Aussies present there, it more or less looked like an experience of a life time.

Here are some of the pictures I have taken.

Bundoora park holi 2014

Holi at Bundoora Park 2014

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