Chicken – Vegetable Noodles



Cut Vegetables for Chicken-veg Noodles

Chinese egg noodles

5 tsp vegetable oil

1 Onion Sliced

2 carrots thinly sliced

1 Red capsicum seeds removed cut into thin slices

1tsp Soya Sauce

3tsp Oyster sauce

2 Garlic cloves



Chicken -Vegetarian Noodles

This is a recipe for busy people like me. This can be prepared in less than half an hour. This is healthy tasty and saves a lot of time in a busy day.

Cook noodles for Chicken Vegetable Noodles

Cook noodle in boiling water for 3 -4 minutes to soften. Use a fork to loosen the noodles. Remove from heat. Rinse under cold running water and drain. The noodle is now ready to be added to other ingredients. Usually the pack of noodles come with instructions for cooking. It is best to follow the instructions on the package.

Chicken marinated

Marinate chicken in chili paste, chopped garlic & salt. Leave it aside for 15 to 30 minutes

Stir fry meat for noodles

Add 2 teaspoons of Vegetable Oil Sauté chicken until done keep aside the add sliced onion sauté then add vegetables stir fry until the vegetables are crisp.

Then add one tsp Soya Sauce and 1 tsp Oyster sauce mix well. Then add the cooked noodles. Mix well and heat for some time. Your Chicken – Vegetable noodle is ready to eat.

Time required

Preparation: 20 Minutes + Marinating time

Cooking Time: 15 Minutes

Submitted by : Latha Sadanandan

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