Churidar and Latest Trends in Churidar design

Clothing has evolved over a period of time. Different styles have been incorporated in traditional clothes to blend them in modern days. Be it ready to pleat sari or leggings, every piece of clothing has undergone some sort of a change. Churidaar remains hot favorite among men and women until today.

What Is A Churidaar?

Churidaar refers to a form-fitting pant that is worn over a Kameez or a Kurta. These pants were known as Mogul breeches or long pants in western countries. Churidaar is generally wide at the top and tapers towards the legs. It is usually longer then the wearer’s leg.  The ends are sealed with a press button or a cuff. Wearer of the churidaar needs to pull the extra length of clothing over to the ankle and seal it with the press button at the ankle. Churidaar suits are made from different materials like cotton, silk, nylon, georgette, crepe etc. Many designers create fancy churidaar suits for parties and weddings. In order to get the perfect fit for churidaar, one must add 4-5 inches around the hip area and 1-2 inches around the thigh and calves, ankle length should be kept the same.

Why Are Churidaar Preferred?

Churidaars are popular among both the sexes because of their utility and style. Working women love wearing churidaars with Kurtis or kameez because they can work comfortably in them.  Person can sit comfortably or move around quickly with churidaars. They compliment the wearer’s frame and look extremely elegant.

Latest Trends In Churidaar Design

Churidaar suits made from silk or embroidered cotton can be worn as party wear. Best fabric to make churidaars is cotton. Many people also use voile or blended cotton, raw silk or Lycra for stitching churidaars. Women especially love churidaar because it makes them look slimmer. Women who want to look fuller without losing on the style quotient can also opt for Anarkali churidaar suits; whereas women who want to look slimmer can opt for churidaars with Kurtis.

Some of the most popular trends in Churidaar designs

Anarkali Frock Churidaars

anarkali frock churidar

Anarkali frock churidaars generally have empire necklines. These frocks are well fitted until the bust level and are flannelled towards the knee.  Anarkali frocks have numerous pleats from the waist level. Some Anarkali frocks may have 108 pleats or more. These Anarkali frocks with churi pajamas look fantastic for parties and weddings.

Anarkali Umbrella Frock Designs

anarkali umbrella frock churidar

This design is derived from basic Anarkali pattern. In this design, the dress is extremely wide spread at the bottom. It resembles an umbrella and hence it is named as Anarkali Umbrella frock. They are best suited for slim women as it makes them look fuller. Layered Anarkali dresses or heavily embroidered Anarkali suits can be ideal for weddings. There are different patterns available in Anarkali frocks. You can opt for netted Anarkali frocks or use fabric with Gota work or embroidery on it. Kantha designed fabrics are also very popular for Anarkali frocks.

Short Kurti With Churidaar Pajama

Short Kurti with churidar pyjama

churi pajama can also be combined with short kurti for practical yet stylish look. Length of the kurti can be up to the knees or slightly above the knee length. Kurtis can be sleeveless or short sleeved. Some women also prefer mid sleeve Kurtis. The sleeves extend a little beyond the elbows in such Kurtis. You can add a dupatta to the same and make it a stylish suit or you can wear it the modern way without dupatta. Pastel shades are best for this type of design. You can also mix and match solid colored churidaar with pastel hued short kurti. Block prints and floral designs or chicken Kurtis look brilliant when teamed with cotton churidaar.

Frocks With Two Toned Churidaar

frocks with two toned churidar

you can add zing to your churidaar by making it two toned. All you would need to do is stitch a two inch tall strip of cloth on the cuffs. The color of this cloth should be similar to the color of your kurti or kameez. You can also add an embroidered patchwork on the cuffs to make the churidaar grander.

Asymmetrical Tunics With Churidaar

assymetrical churidar suit

This trend is catching up quickly among the youth. In this type of churidaar kameez, you will need to replace the kameez with long asymmetrical tunic or a kaftan. Let the kameez be loose. It should be wider at the bottom. Generally, the tunic should be shorter in front and longer from behind. Asymmetrical tunics with churidaars can be worn for office wear or cocktail parties. Layered tunics also look great with churi pajamas. Best fabrics for this design are cotton, voile, georgette and crepe.

Short Frocks Over Churidaar

short frock churidar

this trend is popular among college going girls. In this design, the kurta or the kameez is up to the mid thigh level.  It is similar to the Anarkali frock; however, it is shorter in length. This design looks great on girls with slender frame. Fuller women should avoid wearing this pattern, as it will make them look bulky. Best fabrics for this design are cotton and silk.

Churidaar with Kurta and Nehru jacket

nehru jacket style churidar

This trend is catching up with women. In this design, the churidaar is teemed with long flowing kameez or Anarkali frock and a Nehru jacket. This design can also be modified to suit men where standard Kurta replaces long flowing kameez.  You may oft for plain colored kurta with a black or white jacket.  This design looks fantastic when the kurta and churidaar are of the same color and the jacket is contrasting in color.

Churidaar With Sleeveless Kurti And Jacket

sleeveless churidar

This trend evolved out of mix and match. Young girls often team up short sleeveless Kurtis with sleeveless jackets. Floral Kurtis with same colored jackets can be paired with solid toned churidaars for a sizzling look. Just throw in some accessories and light make up and you can hit the party floor.


leggings are often known as the modern avatar of traditional long pants. They are made from Lycra and are extremely easy to wear. They can be teemed with kurta, frocks, tunics or Kaftans. You can pair a legging with loose flowing Kaftan and add a cinch belt or thick belt at the waist for a hip look.



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