Cricket Bats

The Cricket bat is the main tool for playing cricket, so choosing the right one is important. The most significant thing to consider are the size and weight.

How to find the Cricket Bat Size

The reasonable way to find the right bat size is to stand up straight with a bat by your side. The handle of the bat should reach the top of your thigh. Bats range from size one to six for younger players and include the harrow, which is between size six and an adult, short handle bat. The quality of bat depends on the grade of the willow and is reflected in the price. To get the best from your bat, several procedures are recommended.

Hitting the bat face with a cricket ball or wooden bat mallet to prepare it for action. Knocking in, conditions and hardens the surface of the bat.

The weight of the bat is an important factor to consider while buying one. The best way to test if a bat is light enough is to, pick it up using one hand (the upper hand when you grip the bat ready to play) . If you are able to take a good backswing and demonstrate both straight and cross- batted shots with just one hand, then the bat is light enough for playing.

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