Different types of Coffee

Types of Coffee

Indians favour tea over coffee. Tea shops run by Malayalis are found all over India. These shops also act as a meeting place for the locals, where everyday events and politics are debated vigorously over a cup of tea. These experienced tea makers, make the tea with the right amount of sugar, tea powder and milk, exactly the way you wanted. Unlike in expensive restaurants, where you get hot water, milk and tea powder separately for you to mix. It is understandable; Indians usually get addicted to tea and develop a habit of drinking four or five cups a day. India has as many coffee lovers too. Madras filter coffee made from dark roasted coffee beans and chicory is equally addictive for its taste.

The overwhelming aroma is complemented by the milky sweetness of Indian filter coffee. In Australia one may find that the aroma of coffee doesn’t really go well with its bitter sweet taste. The reason behind could be the reluctance of penny pinching café owners to employ experienced coffee maker, instead settling for low paid college drop outs and students . In India most of the coffee shops sell only two types of coffee: white coffee and black coffee. In recent years this has changed considerably. Many Indian migrants to Australia may find the funny looking names of different types of coffee beverage rather confusing. This article will give you a brief introduction about different types of coffees available in an Australian cafés.

Different types of Coffee

Café latte

 café latte means ‘coffee milk’ . It is made with espresso and steamed milk . Naturally a question may arise, ‘ what is espresso ?’ . Espresso is concentrated beverage brewed by forcing small amount of boiling water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans . In short, it means coffee powder dissolved or suspended in hot water with a thicker consistency. Because of the pressurised brewing process the flavour and the concentration are high compared to other methods of making coffee. Café latte is served with distinguishable patterns on the top of the coffee . These patterns are made with steaming frothed milk.


Capuccino is prepared with espresso, hot milk and steamed milk form . The only difference between cappuccino and café latte is cappuccino is prepared with much less steamed milk than café latte .


Meaning marked or stained in Italian, a macchiato is an espresso that has a dash of milk or dense froth added. If the froth is carefully added into the centre of the espresso, the milk will separate from the froth to form another layer on top of the espresso. A macchiato can be served in a glass or in an espresso cup. (This information is from lavazza website).

Flat white

Flat white is Australia’s own coffee beverage. It is prepared by pouring micro foam (steamed milk from the bottom of the pitcher) over single or double shot of espresso .Micro foam gives a smooth texture.

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