Durga Temple Dussehra 2012 updated by a Temple Volunteer

Ravan Getting Ready to burn down at Durga Temple , Rockbanks , Melbourne


Durga Temple Dussehra celebration 2012 updated by a Temple Volunteer

A large Indian crowd celebrated Dussehra at Rockbanks Durga Temple in Melbourne on 28th October 2012. The celebration included Ram Leela, Huge Raavan Dahan, Kabbadi, Volley Ball, Bhangra and Cultural Programs.  There were an array of stalls selling Indian food and sweets.
These photos are sent to us by a Temple volunteer for publication. India2Australia.com thank him for his co-operation.
Spectators at Dussehra Celebrations

Kabadi Match at the Dussehra Celebrations , Durga Temple , Rockbanks , Melbourne

Cultural Programs at Durga Temple Dussehra Celebrations

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