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Shakti Durga
Shakti Durga

Nowadays, Indians can get almost every Indian products in Australia through Indian shops and  major super markets. A twenty or thirty years back, Indian population was only a fraction of what it is today, and even a bottle of pickle was considered as part of nostalgia. For good or bad, Indian community here have changed both in appearance and attitude. The cool breeze that comes in through open windows and doors is all too often accompanied by mosquitoes, flies, spiders and wasps.

A few years back I had an unpleasant encounter with Mr Sastriji, who advertised himself as an astrologer in an Indian newspaper. This guy had no knowledge of astrology, but was using all the tried and tested technics used by astro- fraudsters in India. With photos of him sitting beside famous people from Geoge Bush to George Clooney, he told me I am in real trouble and only certain poojas can save me. This was a sickening realization that Indians can never escape from such people even if they migrate to Moon or Mars. But my only consolation was that; at least there are no human Gods here.

But I was wrong. Recently I met Shakti Durga, who introduced herself as Guru and a Spiritual Leader. Though she is not Indian by birth, she has almost perfected the art of being a spiritual guru better than most of the Indian Gurus. I was present at one of her appearances in Melbourne. The ambience they created was heavenly, almost like a temple sanctum. In the middle of the hall, a big video Camera captured every moment of Shakthi Durga and her devotees or disciples. Seated on a special chair she was liberal in blessing the audience but there was a deliberate difference compared to what I have witnessed in India or elsewhere. Her devotees walked on their knees and she blessed them with her feet. Beside her, was her team of musicians, reciting something in, which I thought was Latin. Half way through the Satsang, I realised that it was Sanskrit and they are singing praise for Shakti Durga.

For those who wants to know more about this Spiritual Guru or avatar, I have done some research and collected the information given below.

Shakthi Durga

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Shakti Durga is a living guru from Australia. As a western, educated, female, she connects with spiritual seekers in the west and around the world through a practical and grounded approach. Shakti Durga and her senior disciples are very effective at igniting people’s spirits and helping them to feel empowered to shape and improve their lives. She has developed a spiritual path called The Path of Ease and Grace that is filled with tools, techniques and practices that are very effective at creating more peace, happiness and grace in people’s lives than they ever thought possible.

Shakti means ‘spiritual energy’ and Durga is the fierce and protective form of the divine mother. As her spiritual name suggests, Shakti Durga’s teachings are highly charged with energy as she embodies the divine mother, teaching and role modelling the transformational power of unconditional love. Her spiritual approach blends together western and eastern concepts but focuses on the cultivation of the virtues and awareness of the spiritual laws that underpin all spiritual and religious paths.

Earlier Life

Shakti Durga didn’t start life aspiring to be a spiritual teacher. In fact, she started life as Kim Fraser – a modern, educated woman who had a successful practice as a barrister for 16 years. Shakti Durga was sceptical of spirituality, lived in a waterfront home in Sydney and experienced a life of great material wealth. Yet despite a life of success and achievement, she was miserable inside.

As her marriage was breaking down, a colleague suggested meditation might lift her spirits. She took a five-week course that changed her life. It was as though a black drape lifted, revealing a brighter world and a new sense of hope.

She developed a veracious appetite for new spiritual concepts and read hundreds, if not thousands of books. She also studied with many teachers and Gurus in Australia and overseas and learned numerous energetic and spiritual healing modalities which she has blended together to create a unique healing approach called Ignite Your Spirit Therapy.

In 2006, Shakti Durga experienced a profound spiritual awakening and expansion of consciousness in which she realised her name was Shakti Durga, that she was a guru and her sole purpose in life is to serve and help others and humanity. “No one was more surprised than me to learn that I was supposed to be a guru. At the time I thought that it was impossible for a white, western, female to be a guru but over time, as people’s lives around me transformed, I had to accept this was true. I have come to understand that one of the Guru’s most important roles is to lift people and open their hearts. One of my greatest aspirations is to help my students grow and outshine me and assist others at an even deeper level,” says Shakti Durga.

Shakti Durga now introduces the sacred guru tradition to westerners and helps them to understand the transformational power within the guru-disciple relationship. She is also the spiritual director of a charity she founded with her partner, called Shanti Mission. As the name suggests, it is a peace mission dedicated to helping create an age of peace on earth. Shanti Mission operates centres and ashrams throughout Australia and offers courses and seminars, based on the Path of Ease and Grace around the world and online. “We blend Eastern and Western traditions, draw on the work of many spiritual teachers and bring like-minded people together to help them discover and awaken their unique purpose and mission,” says Shakti Durga.

Shakti Durga has also written numerous books and recorded a number of very powerful meditation and music CDs based on the Path of Ease and Grace. She also offers and has recorded a number of online classes. Almost all of her courses and seminars are offered by donation, and when there is a fee it is waived for those with low incomes.

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Her Facebook page describes her as  –   Shakti Durga is a highly respected spiritual teacher, author and healer.


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