How to read the face of a person

Face Reading

face reading

Our face reveals quite a lot of information about us to a good face reader. No wonder, in movies Villains look like villains and heroes look like heroes and even little children are able to distinguish them easily. But in real life, though a good face reader can easily decode the actual person, most are clever enough to cover their deficiencies with smooth talk. Here are a few tips and tricks to read the face and decode the actual person.

Chin and Cheeks

A protruding, well defined chin indicates a strong and independent character of a person where as a weak and receding chin indicates a weak character.

good chin for women

A protruding well defined chin

If you are looking for a personal assistant, choose the one with a soft but firm chin with pink colour. Women with such a chin will turn out to be a good secretary.

receding chin

A receding chin

Women with broad chin with hair and a cheek with dimple in it won’t be lucky for the husband.

But if the cheeks of the lady are firm, raised and round such lady will bring prosperity in family.

A women with hard skinned and depressed chin without flesh is not good for the family as they are prone to bring poverty.

square chin

A strong defined square chin

Men with strong well defined jaws shows physical strength and will power. But men with small jaws reveal a delicate and refined disposition. For men large chin is good as men are supposed to be aggressive and energetic.

Mammooty with cleft chin

Cleft Chin

Men with cleft chin are more likely to become rich and famous.

Full fleshy and protruding chin is lucky for men where are thin pointed chin is unlucky for men.

double chin

Double Chin

Even though double chin look ugly on men, people with double chin will enjoy a happy life in later years.

pointed chin

Pointed Chin

For both men and women pointed chin signifies stubborn, fiery yet sensitive and fun loving nature. These people are more likely to have an unhappy old age.

People with square chin are practical people with lot of energy to spare. They are direct in approach and mostly stubborn in attitude.

When a person laughs if the cheeks are raised and the teeth are not visible they are fortunate.

Mouth and Lips

wide mouth

Wide mouth with straight teeth

For men a wide mouth with straight teeth are an indication of good character, but a women with such characteristics are not of good character.

normal size mouth

A normal size Mouth with round lips

A woman with normal size mouth, firm and round lips bring luck for the family.

A woman with wide mouth and thick lips are not auspicious for the family.

If the lower lips of a woman are red like a lotus, smooth and divided in the middle, such a person will reach in an authoritative position and will be well respected.

If the lower lips of a person are without flesh, coarse, long , dry and blackish, such woman will bring misery to the husband and will live as a widow most of her life.

If the upper lip of a person is pink in colour, smooth and slightly raised in the middle, it is an indication of happiness and good fortune. If otherwise, it is inauspicious.

If the teeth are smooth, white and both the upper and lower teeth are equal in size but slight raised, the person is born lucky.

men with short teeth

Men with short teeth

Men with short teeth are considered cunning and will use their money for gambling or drinking.

Men with more lower teeth than upper teeth, widely spaced with yellowish or blackish in colour will bring misfortune in other people’s life.


Women with soft and red tongue are fortunate in life.

Women with a tongue caved in the middle and spread out in front will remain poor in life.

People with white tongue, where it is not temporary due to some illness will die by drowning in water or by diseases spread by water.

Dark tongue indicate people with evil eye and quarrelsome nature.

Thick tongue for a man indicates good will power and such people will keep a promise. Thick tongue on a woman indicates lifelong poverty.

A lady with a long tongue is greedy, if a long tongue is broad at the end, the woman will get nervous breakdown or become lunatic in later part of life.

If the lower part of the tongue of a woman is white in colour it indicates marriage trouble.

If the lower part of the tongue of a woman in yellow in colour she is more likely to get attracted to mysticism.

If the lower part of the tongue of a lady is dry or rough, that means she has conceived more than 7 times.


It is fortunate to get a nose that is smooth and evenly and has small nostrils

If the nose is thick in the front and flat in the middle, that person will lose many opportunities in life and will never become rich.

If the tip of the nose is red and small, it brings health problems for the spouse.

People with flat nose are more likely to end up as labourers.

It is not good to have too small or too large nose and they will be quarrelsome.

People with slightly large nose will start earning early.

nose with nostrills visible

Nose with Nostrils visible

People whose nostrils are visible are unlucky for people around them especially for their spouses

straight nose

Straight Nose

People with straight nose are trust worthy and dependable.

People with High noses have good self-esteem.

If a black spot is found at the tip of the nose, they are unlucky, so stay away from gambling.

turned up nose2

Turned up Nose

People with turned up noses are kind hearted and optimistic but they will be nervous when faced with difficulties in life, but they like to take risks in life.

Flushy sloping tip nose

People with a flushy nose with sloping down tip will remain ambitious throughout their life and work hard to achieve their dreams.

Eagle nose

Hooked Eagle nose

People with hooked and eagle type nose will make use of any opportunity to use others for their benefit.

People with a down turned nose with the tip partially covering the philtrum are shrewd in nature.


Those with black eyes and bright white portion are good natured.

eyes of a wise man

Eyes of the wise and fortunate

People with big eyes have a comparatively easy life mostly because of their easy going nature.

potruding eye balls

Protruding eye balls

Those with abnormally protruding eye balls will face some harm in their middle ages.

If they eyes of a person are round, they are more likely to be extroverts.

If the eyes of a person are honey coloured, it indicates good fortune.

If the eyes of a person are small like an elephant it shows misery throughout his life.

People born with blindness in only left eye will be very cunning.

If a person is blind only in right eye by birth, his next generation will impacted adversely.


authoritative ears

Ears that show authority

Those with big ears and a round turn on the top will occupy authoritative positions in life.

If the ears of a person are small, not smoothly shaped, very thin and nerves visible, that person will remain poor.

If the ear of the person is thick, irrespective of the ear is big or small that person will have a good and orderly life.

mohanlal ear

Ears that show intelligence and success

If a person have a long, less wide ear that joins smoothly with body, the person will be rich and sometimes gain fame.

People with ear lobes not joined and stays separate will have individuality and will try to gain knowledge in many fields.


kamalhasan forehead


A lucky man’s forehead

A forehead with no veins and hairs and shaped like a half moon is born lucky.

Those with a large and shining forehead will be good at heart.

highly raised forehead

A raised head

If the forehead of a person is very large and highly raised, though they are intelligent, they will make many mistakes in life and make their life miserable.

forehead with a backward angle

Forehead with a backward angle

Those with a large forehead with a backward angle, have good memory and take decisions analytically.

Those with a straight forehead, rectangle in size like to think in detail and go with procedures. Some mistake they did in their younger years will haunt them for a life time.


If the eyebrows of a woman is round, shaped like a bow, smooth, black and are not joined she is blessed with happiness and fame.

If a man is have an eyebrow with thick hair bushy and smooth such a person is born lucky

People with Straight eye brows are practical and direct in their approach.

high eyebrows

High Eyebrows

People with high brows don’t connect with people easily, they more or less take a wait and watch approach.

low eyebrows

Low Eyebrows

People with low eyebrows are expressive quick and easy to connect with people.

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