The three final chapters of God



The Final Chapter – PART 1- DEATH

Death knocked the door. It was not as scary as I imagined. It was like a breeze from the past. I was entangled in a web of right and wrong, hell and heaven and rebirth. The God of death was soft spoken, approachable and likable – to an extend that I enjoyed being with him. “There is no sin, no hell and not even rebirth”, he assured me.

“When the coordinated function of your body stops, you are technically dead”. The five elements with which you are created will be returned to where it belongs, and that is my job”, He explained. Burn it, bury it or give it to birds – that does not make any difference.


“What will happen to my soul “, I was full of doubts. He said that he is hearing that term for the first time. There is no soul, he assured me. You are your body. Body should consume and be consumed, that is the function. That is the only Karma.

“From where did I get all these wrong ideas?” I could not control my urge to ask.

“That is your problem so find the answer yourself. I have better things to do.”, He looked so cool when he said that.
But there was no time left for me to find those answers, he was in a hurry. It became clear to me that my time is up. I had a peak at the notebook he carried. There was a big list of creatures, whose elements he has to return to where it belonged. 30 million ants, 5 giant Pandas, 350 Kangaroos, the list went on and on. But that was a big blow to my pride. I was also just one among those creatures. The superiority complex I carried all my life as the finest creation of God, has all gone in wane.

Suddenly I remembered ; the novel I started reading yesterday, was in its final chapters. I desperately wanted to finish it. One more thing – I wanted to eat a mango before I go, a sweet one, if I could get an Alfonzo, much better.
My body wants to consume the resources of this world, even at the last moment of existence. Forget it, I said to myself.

I took a pencil and wrote on the wall ‘Bye ‘. If something has to remind my existence that should be words. and not my consumption habits.

Darkness – I could see it. Why darkness has to be black? Any other colour would have looked much better. But lifelessness has to be black for a reason. No dreams, no thoughts and that for sure has to be black. That was the final chapter. What will happen after the final chapter? God of death assured me that there won’t be any second part.

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