Three good Indian vegetarian restaurants in Melbourne

Gopal's vegetarian restaurant

Non Vegetarian food has its own health benefits but hormone injected and drugs fed chicken, pig and lamb offset most of those benefits. It is best not to consume non vegetarian food from restaurants as it can cause serious health issues if meat is not properly handled or cooked. It is a sad fact that there aren’t many Good Indian vegetarian restaurants in Melbourne. So this list of good Indian vegetarian restaurants in Melbourne will come handy and helpful for any wannabe Vegan.

Below is a list of good Indian vegetarian restaurants in Melbourne. They are listed in random order.

Om Vegetarian

If you are looking for cheap and simple vegetarian meal, this is the place to head for. Om has four restaurants in Melbourne. They serve all you can eat, all day (lunch and dinner), every day from 11am. The restaurant achieved a certificate of excellence based on reviews in Trip Advisor.


Om Vegetarian 1 – RGIT Building Level 1, 28 Elizabeth St

Om Vegetarian 2 – Wales Arcade 227 Collins St

Om Vegetarian 3 – Capitol Arcade 113 Swanston St

Om Vegetarian 4 – Southern Cross Mcphersons building, 546 Collins St Melbourne


Gopal’s Vegetarian Restaurant

Run by the Hare Krishna Movement (ISKON) for the past 33 years, Gopal’s Vegetarian is currently the oldest Indian Vegetarian Restaurant in the city. The main advantage of being run by ISKON is the trust they carry with them. There is no hard core profit motive and that is an added assurance that you are not fed with old and spoiled food disguised as made fresh today. As ISKON describes, they sell truly blessed Karma free meal, freshly made and sanctified by offering to Lord Krishna before being served.


139 Swanston Street, Melbourne, Australia

Phone: 96501578

Facebook Page: Click Here


Crossways Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant

Another vegetarian Restaurant run by ISKON with good reviews around. Food is priced really cheap and remember not compare it with high class restaurants. Simple food with really simple ambience. Food is divine and leave the rest to your taste buds.


123 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Phone:(03) 9650 2939


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