How to grow tomatoes

How to grow tomatoes

Tomato is believed to be originated in the mountains of Peru and spread from there to all around South America. When the Spaniards descended in Mexico they found the Aztecs growing and eating a plant they called ‘tomatl’. Soon tomatl found its way to Spain and the Spaniards called it ‘tomate’. Both in America and Europe , many considered tomato as a poisonous fruit and those who thought otherwise insisted that tomato was bad for health and had no nutritional value. For nearly a century after its entry in Europe, tomato was grown only as an ornamental plant in the gardens of the rich. There are different types and varieties of tomato. Tomato plants need warm, sunny areas to flourish.
Tomato is one of the most loved backyard plants for Aussies. This short lived plant gives a higher yield for the space occupied. Tomatoes grow well in all climate zones in Australia. In frost free warm, warm northern areas tomatoes are grown throughout the year. In temperature climates   the best months to start tomatoes are August to December and in cold districts September to November In mild districts like Sydney and early crop (August sowing) and a late crop (November sowing) will supply tomatoes for about five months of the year. Phosphorous is a most important nutrient for tomatoes and lack of it especially in the seedling stage will reduce yield of fruit (Courtesy: Yates)

How to grow a Tomato Pant

Tomatoes are easily grown from seed. But it is more usual to raise seedling in pot for transplanting. Set seedling 50-60 cm apart. If you have added adequate fertiliser while preparing the bed, the next application can be postponed until the plants have set their first truss of fruit. At this stage scatter a table spoon of mixed fertiliser around each plant and water in.

Growing tomato in a container

Tomatoes are best grown on the ground than in a container as they suffer confined root run and sporadic watering in a pot.

 Tomato Plant diseases

Visit the website below for Common Tomato plant diseases.

 Types of Tomato plants

Tiny Tim  tomato plant
This tiny variety is good for planting in pots. This tasty variety grows compact in a pot and also serves as an ornamental plant.

Roma Tomato plant
This egg or pear shaped tomato is available in red or yellow and used for cooking and sauce making

Summer star tomato plant
This variety is generally disease resistant and will grow anywhere. This variety is a  perfect choice for warmer climates.

Sweetie tomato plant
These miniature tomatoes are pest and disease free and bears grape like clusters of small tomatoes.

Grosse Lisse tomato plant
These large smooth tomatoes are perfect balls of bright red with a good tomato flavour.

Australian Facts
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