What had happened to the Mughals?


moghul descendants

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Daily Mail in 2015 published an article titled, “The Slumdog Princess” about the descendant of the Mughal Rulers. Sultana Begum, now 63 years old, married the great grandson of Bahadur Shah Zafar, who was the last Moghul emperor to rule India. She lives in a two room hut in a shantytown in Kolkata. The hut and the locality she lives is a far cry from the luxurious palaces her ancestors have lived. Mughal history is India’s history for around 300 hundred years from the first conquest of Babur, descendant of Genghis Khan and great grandson of Tamerlane. He established an empire that would eventually dominate Southern Asia.

During the rule of the Mughals, India went through a period of artistic revival. The early Mughal rulers initiated distinct style of architecture with a Persian influence.

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