Jainism in Australia

The 2016 Australian Census counted the Jain population in Australia to be 4047 which is less than .1% of Australian population. Out of which 38% lives in Sydney and 31% in Melbourne. The rest are scattered in other capital cities of Australia in insignificant numbers.

Jain Sangh’s in Australia


Jain Community of Western Australia

The first religious gathering of Jains in Perth was held in December 1998. Jain Community of WA Inc was registered on 19th February 1999. As an organisation run by volunteers, JCWA organises monthly Satsang at Macedonian Cultural Centre at Balcatta.

For latest updated info visit http://jainsperth.org.au/


Sydney Jain Mandal

Sydney Jain Mandal is a non-profit socio-religious group established to provide a social platform for people who believe in principle of Jain religion to learn, discuss and practice values of Jain preaching.

Address: Unit 7, 15-17 Tucks Road, Seven Hills, NSW 2147

For latest info Visit https://sydneyjainmandal.com/


Brisbane Jain Sangh

Brisbane Jain Sangh was formed in August 2009 to unite Jain families living in the Brisbane city and perform prescribed religious rituals every month.

The Sangh meets monthly to perform religious activities such as Samayik, Snatra Pooja, Bhakti Sandhya and Jain Quiz. Celebration of Paryusan Pratikraman, Mahavir Janma Vanchan, Swami Vatsalya, Samuh Ayambil, Tapasvi Sanman also happens annually with major attendance.

For latest info Visit http://bjs.org.au


Melbourne Shwetambar Jain Sangh

Melbourne Shwetambar Jain Sangh Inc (MSJS) was set up on 12 September 2007. MSJS is an Incorporated Association of persons in the state of Victoria, Australia, primarily represented in the state capital of Melbourne.

For latest info visit www.msjs.org.a

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