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Migrating to Australia could be a dream comes true for many. But things may not turn out as planned for Indian migrants when they reach their dream destination. Issues are many.

Issues faced by Indian Migrants in Australia

  1. Language Problems –  Thick Indian accent may stymie  employment and other growth opportunities
  2. Settlement Issues – Finding a job and accommodation could turn out to be a tedious process.
  3. Cultural Problems – Social values may contradict creating conflicts in family life
  4. Socio- economic issues – Even highly qualified people may find it impossible to reach status levels that they enjoyed in India and may get stuck in the lower socio – economic circles forever.
  5. Legal Issues and access to Information– Ignorance about Government benefits and local laws may put a new migrant in an unfair position.
  6. Social Isolation – New migrants separated from their extended family may find it difficult to establish personal networks in the new country and may feel isolated.
  7. Changeover issues – New immigrants may find it difficult to blend into Australian culture, even if they find Australia fair and inviting.
  8. Children Issues – New migrants may find their children bullied at school or getting addicted to drugs and alcohol, but will be left without any clue on how to handle the issues.
  9. Passive racism – There are legal protections available against racism. But with passive racism the group does not exhibit signs of aggressive racism but will ignore or sideline the migrant from usual team activities.
  10. Domestic violence – Women experiencing domestic violence in Indian families may not get the required support.

 Advantages of joining this Support Group

The biggest advantage of joining a support group is to realise that he or she is not alone and this could be a huge relief for many.

  1. It will help make connections and get help
  2. There are people with needs and there are people with wealth of experiences and resources .Support groups will enable them to meet and share
  3. Members can provide each other with various types of helps, usually non-professional and non-material. One can learn a lot from the experiences of others.
  4. It will help build personal networks
  5. Support groups can turn out to be a  place to share common concerns with people who are going through similar experiences.
  6. Support groups provide    an opportunity for group members to pool information about everything from resources for legal, medical, or financial help to referrals for finding the best plumber, mechanic, or decorator.
  7. It provides an opportunity for self-growth.
  8. Joining this support groups will make you feel less lonely and provide you with a sense of empowerment.

Do’s and Don’t’s for this Indian support group

No one owns this support group. As the group matures, as many people will be given moderator position as the intention is to make this a self-managed support group.


  1. Advertisements
  2. ‘Seeking work ‘ posts are acceptable as long as they don’t cluster this Facebook support forum
  3. This is not a dating site
  4. No requests for money should be posted here


  1. Looking for accommodation, genuine job opportunities, seeking information, counselling and everything a new migrant may require for satisfying his/her social needs.

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