Melbourne’s Moomba Festival


Moomba (also known as the Moomba Festival or Moomba Carnival), held annually in Melbourne, is Australia’s largest free community festival and one of the Australia’s longest running community festivals. It is celebrated during the Labour Day long weekend (over four days, from Friday to the second Monday in March). Moomba is culturally important to Melbourne, having been celebrated since 1955 and regularly attracts up to a million people with a record attendance of 1.7 million set in 1996.

In 2003, the event was renamed Melbourne Moomba Waterfest and is centred on the Yarra River. It is run by the City of Melbourne.
Traditional events include the Moomba parade, crowning of Moomba monarchs, fireworks displays, carnivals in the gardens along the river, river activities including water sports, water floats, the birdman rally, as well as live music and bands.
The official translation of Moomba is “let’s get together and have fun.” The name was proposed for the event by Bill Onus, a former president of the Australian Aborigines League. A long running rumour is that the name was a practical joke and actually means “up your bum”. In 1969, Louise Hercus provided the following definition for ‘mum’ (i.e., ‘moom’) in The Languages of Victoria:
Mum: bottom, rump. The jocular Healesville expression ‘mum ba’ — ‘bottom and . . .’ — has been given to the authorities in jest with the translation ‘let us get together and have fun’, hence the Melbourne Moomba Festival.

Major Attractions of Moomba 2013 , Melbourne

Opening Night

Friday 8th March at 7PM – Main Stage
Finucane & Smith’s Boom Boom Moomba! Be enthralled by a wild night of circus sirens, Bollywood love gods, backroom ballerinas, sideshow darlings, hula hoop princesses, swinging songs and disco queens – all under the big top!


Sunday 10th March at 12Noon – Yarra River
One of Moomba’s oldest traditions, the Birdman Rally involves regular Melbournians dressing up and wearing flying contraptions to help them fly across the Yarra River. Some Birdmen will soar to great heights, some will fall to great depths, but ALL will be in the running for some amazing prizes. And most importantly, all will be raising money for some very worthy local charities.


Monday 11th March at 11AM – St Kilda Road
The Moomba parade is traditionally one of the festival’s major highlights – a true carnival-style celebration of our community through a colourful and eclectic array of performers, community groups and much-loved personalities. Public transport is the best way to get to the Parade. Head to Flinders Street Station, which is a 300m walk from the end of the route. You can also get trams along Swanston Street to Flinders Street station, or from the south to Domain Interchange.

Closing Night

Monday 11th March at 8:30 PM – Main Stage
Nicky Bomba and the Calypso Big Band – Musician extraordinaire and man-of-many-talents Nicky Bomba is bringing together a remarkable collection of his friends, comrades and revellers to present a special closing night celebration.
There are plenty of Entertainment for people of any age . For more detailed information about Moomba festival 2013 , Schedule and other activities please visit
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