Do you think Modi Magic transformed the Indian Consulate in Sydney for good?

Do you think Modi Magic transformed the Indian Consulate in Sydney for good?

Indian Consulate in Sydney had a very bad reputation for customer service. A quick check on Facebook or Google will easily reveal how much the Indian diaspora hated the Indian Government’s representatives in Sydney. To savour a few for the uninitiated,

“Horrible service, they were rude and not very pleasant towards me. I work in customer service and I know in my job it would not be acceptable to speak to a customer or anyone like the way I was talked down to today at the consulate. It makes me never want to visit India if this is how they treat people who want to visit their country!”

“Crap service. No sense in giving the right information. Hire some useful people who understand n can provide right information. U guys make a simple application hard. Don’t even deserve any star!”

Consul General Sanjay Sudheer

Consul General Sunjay Sudheer

Sydney Indians have written them off long  long ago, that they stopped complaining about the poor services . But the recent reviews about the consulate paints and entirely different picture of a great transformation. The bad apple has become a gem of envy for good service. After reading an article in, I was wondering, whether the Modi miracle has finally worked for the consulate.

The author writes, and I quote,

“Being a bit curious, I stayed on and started asking the receptionist about this noticeable transformation.

He told me the following:

We have to send to MEA, a monthly report highlighting the problems faced by visitors to the consulate and what actions have been taken to remove or reduce them? This is the result of that”

If you have noticed the transformation, please show your appreciation at the FACEBOOK PAGE of Sydney Indian Consulate. Your appreciation will be an encouragement for them to maintain the good work.

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