Nitin Gursahani sacked for Sunny Leon Connection


sunny leon

The Liberal party has dis-endorsed Nitin Gursahani, candidate representing the Thomastown seat in the state elections to the Victorian Parliament. But Mr Gursahani’s name will remain on the ballot paper as nominations for the polls have closed. Gursahani through his family company Kiren Australia, has planned to bring Bollywood porn star Sunny Leon to Melbourne. This has prompted the Party to take the hasty decision, when the state elections are only a week away. Sunny Leone is a porn actress, who was named Penthouse Pet of the Year in 2003. She has featured in films such as Alabama Jones and the Busty Crusade, Shut Up and F*** me, and Busty Cops 1 and 2.

Liberal Party spokesman, James Copsey, claimed Mr Gursahani had not been forthcoming with his business interests during the application process. Kiren Australia, The family-owned company also operates liquor stores in South Morang and Thomastown. The Liberal Party website states that Mr Gursahani started the events company to “support local Bollywood acts and events”.

He is the second candidate to be dis-endorsed by the party this week. Sydenham candidate John Varano quit after it was revealed that he had once been charged with assaulting his wife.

The advertisements for the event was published with Gursahani’s phone number which is the same that was posted in the Official Liberal Party Profile.

One may wonder even in this 21st century, when gay marriages are getting legalised, why Liberal party still possess the medieval period mindset.


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