Osho was one of the most well-known and contentious saintly leader of his time. Time to time he came to be known differently. In 1960, he was famous as ‘Acharya Rajneesh’. But, he became famous as ‘Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh’ for about 10 years from 1970-1980. Finally, in 1989 he declared himself as ‘Osho’.

He widely traveled to various parts of India, delivering speeches on Gandhism and Secularism. He transformed religions as institutions and promoted a wide outlook about sexuality. This transformation brought in a number of controversies revolving round his spiritualistic philosophy.

As a great spiritual therapist Osho came up with number of meditation techniques and later he found an institution after his name. It was Osho International Meditation Center.

Osho was born on December 11 of 1931 in Madhya Pradesh in a Taranpanthi Jain community His real name was Rajneesh Chandra Mohan. At the age of 7 he was sent to his maternal grandmother’s house where he has grown up in complete independence. He was free from hassles of restrictions and imposed educations.

Bhagawan Shree Rajneesh

It was in 1970, he became known as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. He began to propagate for his followers, the path of meditation and self-exploration. He didn’t not propagate any renouncement of anything worldly. By ‘Sannyas’ Osho meant the sending-off our belief system that has been transmitted to us through generations. It is obviously different from the usual viewpoint of the Eastern world.

During this time,  Westerners started getting attracted to his ideology. With Him, they experienced a novel way of meditation which is the blending of wisdom of the East and science of the West.

Osho Discourses

He shows a new insight into the spiritual path. He throws new light on Tantra, Yoga, Taoism, Sufism, Zen including major spiritual paths. He also discourses on Jesus, Buddha, and other mystics.

The community around Osho during this time offered a wide range of healing groups that was the combination of techniques of Eastern meditation and psychotherapy of the West. Therapists across the world attracted towards his unique way of philosophy. Around, 1980 the community was known as ‘the World’s Finest Growth and Therapy Center.’

Osho Quotes

His messages are simple to the core. It is a message to humankind. His messages propagates  the evolution of new man. The old notion of man was of either spiritualistic or materialist immoral, saint or sinner. But his messages are based on making life simple and happier.

Message: 1

Osho forbade obeying the command of others till one receives the commands from within. The only human being that can give command to you is none but yourself. Other than your thought, there is no other thought, everything else are opinions only.

Message: 2

Except life there is no other entity like God or Absolute or Brahma. Only the  life is true. It is wonderful because we are destined to die. Any day can be dooms day. God feels jealous of man because man is mortal, but God has to live forever, wherever he is.

Message: 3

Truth can’t be  found anywhere but within yourself. Life gets better only according to your outlook. If you look for answers in the external world, you are already in the wrong place. Life is very simple. We, the human beings, only find ways to complicate it.

Message: 4

The prayer to god is not the reality. Love is the only prayer. What we think, we see it around us. Your thoughts influence DNA that creates vibration in your surroundings. The positive thinking expands the DNA threads and influences others in a  positive manner. On the other hand negative thoughts make the thread contract.

Message: 5

To have an open  mind is the doorway to the truth. The nothingness is the means through which goal is attained. Clear mind is the best place for meditation. Constant thinking can never be healthy. You should give your mind a chance to speak within.

Message: 6

Life is here, nowhere else. The Present is the only truth, never think of past, neither future. These simply do not exist. Every moment is NOW, that is PRESENT. Advancing ahead with some lessons from the past is the exceptions only. But you should look through what is happening in the present.

Message: 7

Float in the ocean of life. Never try to swim in the turbulent sea of struggle. If  you are trying to reach ashore in the turbulence, you will be drowned. So, float on, and it will use up less force or energy. Consequently, you will be able to last longer. Your savior will be there to rescue you. Let everything happen in your life, be sure that life will take you away in the safe direction.

Message: 8

Die to live a life anew. Each moment creates a new “I”, you are not the same person that you had been before. What exists is only the present. The only moment that does exist is the present, never worry about the imminent things of the next hours in the future. Never get caught up in the past, nor worry for the future.

Message: 9

Never search outside. The truth is within you. Don’t resist the natural flow of life by worries and anxieties about what is not in your hand. In this hour of the day, our life is already taken care of by several means. Worrying too much only create problems that will keep your mind occupied. Just stop worrying and enjoy the fragrance of life.

Osho leaves for heavenly abode

In the middle of January in 1990, Osho was getting weaker and weaker. He was so weak on January 18 that he could not attend Buddha auditorium and on the next day he showed irregular nerve beats. When he was asked for cardiac revitalization, Osho said that He wanted to leave the world. Only it is to be decided when to leave. At last at 5p.m He left body left his body and started His eternal journey to heaven. After some time His body was taken to the Buddha Auditorium and then taken to the crematorium. After 2 days, the ashes were carried to the Commune International and kept there

Osho’s Works

On the sayings of Jesus:

 The Mustard Seed (the Gospel of Thomas)

 Come Follow to You Vols. I – IV

On Tao:

 Tao: The Three Treasures (The Tao Teh Ching of Lao Tzu), Vol I – IV

 The Empty Boat (Stories of Chuang Tzu)

 When the Shoe Fits (Stories of Chuang Tzu)

On Gautama Buddha:

 The Dhammapada (Vols. I – X)

 The Discipline of Transcendence (Vols. I – IV)

 The Heart Sutra

 The Diamond Sutra

On Zen:

 Neither This nor That (On the Xin Xin Ming of Sosan)

 No Water, No Moon

 Returning to the Source

 And the Flowers Showered

 The Grass Grows by Itself

 Nirvana: The Last Nightmare

 The Search (on the Ten Bulls)

 Dang dang doko dang

 Ancient Music in the Pines

 A Sudden Clash of Thunder

 Zen: The Path of Paradox

 This Very Body the Buddha (on Hakuin’s Song of Meditation)

On the Baul mystics:

 The Beloved

On Sufis:

 Until You Die

 Just Like That

 Unio Mystica Vols. I and II (on the poetry of Sanai)

On Hasidic Judaism:

 The True Sage

 The Art of Dying

On the Upanishads:

 I am That – Talks on Isa Upanishad

 The Supreme Doctrine

 The Ultimate Alchemy Vols. I and II

 Vedanta: Seven Steps to Samadhi

On Heraclitus:

 The Hidden Harmony

On Kabir:

 Ecstasy: The Forgotten Language

 The Divine Melody

 The Path of Love

On Buddhist Tantra:

 Tantra: The Supreme Understanding

 The Tantra Vision

On Shaivistic Tantra:

 Vigyana Bhairava Tantra

On Patanjali and Yoga:

 Yoga: The Alpha and the Omega Vols. I – X

(reprinted as Yoga, the Science of the Soul)

On Meditation methods:

 The Book of Secrets, Vols. I – V

 Meditation: the Art of Inner Ecstasy

 The Orange Book

 Meditation: The First and Last Freedom

 Learning to Silence the Mind

Talks based on questions:

 I Am the Gate

 The Way of the White Clouds

 The Silent Explosion

 Dimensions Beyond the Known

 Roots and Wings

 The Rebel

Darshan interviews:

 Hammer on the Rock

 Above All, Don’t Wobble

 Nothing to Lose but your Head

 Be Realistic: Plan for a Miracle

 The Cypress in the Courtyard

 Get Out of Your Own Way

 Beloved of my Heart

 A Rose is a Rose is a Rose

 Dance your way to God

 The Passion for the Impossible

 The Great Nothing

 God is not for Sale

 The Shadow of the Whip

 Blessed are the Ignorant

 The Buddha Disease

 Being in Love

On Women

 The Book of Women: Celebrating the Female Spirit

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