PK Movie review

PK – A Must Watch Movie

Movie Rating – 4.5 /5

amirkhan in pk - pk movie reVIEW

Amir Khan

Rajkumar Hirani did it again and Hindi movie lovers have another movie to cherish forever.  It is a comedy movie with a good message. Those who are used to Johnny Lever type cheap comedy, this movie will be a welcome change. No odd face expressions to make you laugh but at times you will find the characters living your life and that will make you laugh.


Anushka Sharma in PK

An alien with a childlike innocence challenges long held notions with simple and easy to understand logic and that is the core of the movie. This is a subject rarely tackled in Hindi movies and for that reason it is a must watch movie.

SanjAY Dutt in PK


Both Amir Khan and Anushka Sharma have done their roles well and so are the rest. Hirani and Abhijat Joshi has done the script well, handling a prickly subject so well.

All around it is a must watch movie especially if you are living in Australia. Let us hope such movies will one day motivate us to create a world without the agents of God.

Amir Khan’s movies always come with a message for the masses and the only black mark is; a convicted criminal and Dawood ally  Sanjay Dutt is offered a role in the movie.

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