Police allege Melbourne Malayalee Sam Abraham was poisoned by wife Sofia and her lover

sam abraham

Sam Abraham (34 years) who hailed from Punalur in Kerala State died of heart attack in his sleep on 13th October 2015 at his Kirk Street home in Epping, Melbourne. Or that was what everyone thought had happened to Sam Abraham. Sam migrated to Australia 2 years before his death and was living in Epping. He was a good singer and was very much active in Malayali gatherings in Melbourne. He was married with a 4-year-old child. After his death, his body was taken to Kerala for cremation at Karvalur Marthoma Church. There was nothing suspicious on the surface for an unsuspecting eye.

But the investigating Police was smelling something fishy in the whole episode. Detectives this week arrested Mr Abraham’s wife, 32 year old Sofia Sam, and her male friend, Kamalasanan alleging a bizarre cyanide poison plot. What made the Police suspicious was that Sam was attacked three months before his death, which was treated as an attempted murder.

When his body was discovered at the Kirkland Ct property last October police and Mr Abraham’s relatives believed he had died from natural causes.

Along with Sam’s wife Sofia Police have also charged Arun Kamalasanan, 34, of Port Melbourne, with attempted murder and a separate charge of murder.

sofia sam

Sofia Sam with Sam Abraham

There were no signs of suspicious circumstances when Mr Abraham died but it was later discovered that he had been poisoned with cyanide. Police intercepted phone calls of Sophia Sam and Arun Kamalasanan during the investigation. Police have about three months of telephone recordings to transcribe and some of the conversations.

arun kamalasanan

Arun Kamalasanan

Three months before his death, in July last year, Mr Abraham was attacked and stabbed by a balaclava-clad man who had been hiding in the foot-well of his car at Lalor train station. Cable ties, material scraps and handcuffs were found in the car following what police at the time described as a “horror movie” scenario. Mr Abraham, a store worker, received injuries to the neck, temple and cheek. He told reporters last year that he was able to pull the balaclava from the man’s face but he did not recognise his attacker. Police allege Mr Kamalasanan was the man in the balaclava.


Sofia near Sam’s body at Sam’s Parent’s house – Kerala in India

The pair were remanded to reappear for a committal mention on February 13 next year. Sofia’s sister Sonia Andrews and her husband Roshan Andrews also live in Epping Suburb of Melbourne. Both of them were present in the court during the court hearing. Mrs Sam was emotionless during her court appearance.

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