Rehmat Sandhu Falls to death from a Southbank Apartment



21 year old Rehmat Sandhu died after falling from the glass balcony of 20th floor of the City Road tower just before 4am on Saturday morning, 6th of December 2014. Sandhu was socialising in a friends’ Southbank Apartment when the incident occurred. Police consider it as a tragic accident and do not suspect any foul play.

rehmat sandhu

Sandhu was a member of Punjabi dance group named Federation of Bhangra and was an active promoter of Punjabi events in Melbourne.

Sandhu was at the Kanika Kapur music event at Billboards in Russel Street before leaving for the Southbank Apartment of his friend.

The much loved youngster is believed to have fallen from the railings which was wet after yesterday’s rain.

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