Sam Abraham – Alleged wife and lover Cyanide Murder Latest Update

Arun Kamalasanan and Sofia Sam are accused of killing Sofia’s husband Sam Abraham by pouring cyanide-laced orange juice down his throat while he slept in his Epping home in October 2015.

Melbourne Magistrates court has taken up Sam Abraham murder case for committal hearing on 26th and 27th June 2017.  A committal hearing is where a magistrate will hear evidence of the prosecution and decide whether a properly instructed jury would convict the accused. This is the last hearing a matter will have at the magistrate’s court before it proceeds to a higher jurisdiction.

Sofia Sam and her friend Arun Kamalasanan are charged with poisoning Sofia’s husband Sam Abraham to death. Arun Kamasanan is also charged for attempting to murder Sam inside his car at the Lalor train station in July 2015.

A grieving wife’s final good bye

On 26th and 27th June, during the committal hearing, the prosecution has produced many witnesses and experts including one of Arun Kamalasan’s housemate, toxicologists and forensic experts to give evidence. Both Sofia and Arun were present at the court.

Arun Kamalasanan

It’s also alleged a balaclava-clad Kamalasanan unsuccessfully tried to murder Mr Abraham in July 2015 at the Lalor train station car park. Sam Abraham made a complaint to the Police after the incident, and also handed over a Balaclava belonging to the attacker, which he managed to get hold of.  Arun’s former housemate, Aji Parameswaren, told the court that he has seen a similar Balaclava with Arun around that time.  He also testified that Sofia came to meet Arun at their flat in St Kilda, few days after Arun arrived in Australia. The court also heard that Kamalasanan joked to Aji Parameswaren that killing someone was “easy to do”.

At the time of the attempted murder at the Lalor station car park, Kamalasanan was working as a cleaner at a Mercedes-Benz dealership. It was noted that he did not go for work the day after the incident, claiming that he had hurt himself at work.

According to the toxicology report produced in the court, high level of cyanide and a dose of sedative drug was found in Sam’s blood and liver. It was likely to have been ingested rather than inhaled.

A photograph of a purple cup with orange juice at the crime scene was also presented to the court. The police did not seize any objects from the crime scene at that time. The Court was also told that the Police did not find any unusual stains on the bed or signs of a hurried clean-up. The criminal investigation team was not called to the scene after the alleged murder.

Sam and Wife at the car dealer after buying a brand new car

Both Sofia Sam and Arun Kamalasanan pleaded not guilty to the charges at the Melbourne Magistrates Court. The magistrate ordered both accused to stand trial at the Supreme Court.

After the two day committal hearing at the Magistrates court, the directions hearing took place at the Supreme Court on 28th June 2017 .  A directions hearing is a short court appearance where orders are made about what should happen next in a case. The directions hearing set 8th November 2017 for the trials to begin. Court has also ordered the prosecution to present the complete evidences by 16th of August. A pre-trial directions hearing will be held at the Supreme Court on 31st October 2017. A Pre-trial directions hearing is for resolving timetabling issues, including the listing of hearing dates and setting the due dates for all Court documents.

The Judicial remand of the accused were also extended.


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