Sam Abraham Cyanide Murder Case – Today’s plea hearing details

Cyanide murder case plea hearing took place today 11th May 2015 before Justice Paul Coghlan in Supreme Court. It is at plea hearing, the prosecution and the defence present information they want the judge to take into account when deciding on the sentence.

The court was told that Arun Kamalasanan, who was found guilty by the Supreme Court Jury of killing Sam Abraham faked mental illness as part of the plan.

While arguing for a significant sentence, Director of Public Prosecution Kerri Judd QC, put forward the following points.

Kamalasanan’s elaborate three-year plot included getting the poison a year before the incident and hatching a getaway plan by faking mental illness.  Kamalasanan researched symptoms of mental disorders and conveyed them to different doctors by taking appointments with them the months leading to the killing.

Kamalasanan also told a covert operative in a recorded conversation that he made up the symptoms because he had to have proof that he is mad. QC Kerry Judd said this is a clear indication of a premeditated murder.

The lawyer representing Kamalasanan, Patrick Tehan said “It is highly probable that he was in a state of high anxiety and suffers bipolar symptoms and has been kept in the psychiatric ward while on remand because of suicidal tendencies”.

Patrick Tehan QC also asked the judge to take into consideration the isolation Kamalasanan faces serving the sentence away from his family and friends in India. His only visitors are his lawyers.

Justice Coghlan will sentence Kamalasanan and Sofia Sam on 21st June 2018.

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