St. Peter’s Eastern Hill in Melbourne

Diocese of Melbourne, Anglican Church of Australia, Parish Church of the City of Melbourne since 1847
St. Peter’s is Melbourne’s parish church standing just north east of Parliament house. It has always been a sanctuary of peace in the busy centre of Melbourne. The history of St.Peter’s Church is inextricably linked with that of Melbourne. Melbourne’s oldest Anglican church is still standing on its original site; a place of immense architectural and historical significance. The foundation stone for the church was laid by Charles La Trobe on 18th June 1846. The building was first used for services in 1847 even though the first part was not completed until 1848. The building was extended in 1854 to bring its seating capacity up to 1050; much of this space was in galleries that were removed in 1896.
St. Peter’s Eastern Hill
From the beginnings of Melbourne’s history to the present day, St. Peter’s has been patronised by generations of distinguished Australians like William Lonsdale, Pinney Bear, Justice Becket, Charles and Sophie Latrobe and the influential Kent-Hughes family. The opera singer Nellie Melba had organ lessons at the church as a schoolgirl.

St. Peter’s Eastern Hill

What makes the Church Special

The Bricks which form the nave and tower were transported from England as ballast in sailing ships
The timber roof supports of fine hammer beam construction, were savaged from early ship wrecks
The foundation stone was laid by Charles Latrobe in 1846

Melbourne was declared a city from St. Peter’s steps on 25th June 1847 following receipt of the letters Patent from Queen Victoria.

Melbourne’s first Grammar School was founded at St. Peter’s schoolhouse in 1849. It went on to become the Melbourne Grammar school.

The national theatre was founded at St. Peter’s

Two huge original stained glass windows executed by Napier Waller commemorate the scars the Second World War made on Australia.

The Madonna above the altar is 16Th Century Flemish.

The Chancel at the Church was built and then dedicated on St. Peters Day on the 29th June in 1876. The Venetian Glass Masaic of the Last Supper behind the High Altar, was purchased at the Great Exhibition in Melbourne in 1880.

The painting of the Holy Family is 16th Century.
St. Peter’s Eastern Hill photo

Info about St. Peter’s Eastern Hill

Address : 15 Gisborne Street , East Melbourne – 3002

Church is open daily

Weekend services

Saturday    9:00AM Mass
8:00 AM – Mass
9:30am – Family Mass
11:00am – High Mass
5:00pm – Evensong
6:30pm – Mass

Weekday Services
Monday – Friday – 7:15am Mass
Wednesdays – 1:15pm – Mass
Feast days 6:15pm – High Mass

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