The rogue Indian Door to Door Energy sales people

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The Indian guy knocked my front door looked rather serious, contrary to the smiling face we expect from a sales person.
‘I am here to check, whether you are getting the 17% energy discount from AGL. Who are you with? ‘He said in a rough voice, complemented with an Indian accent and Indian English.
His ways and manners rather reminded me of a police officer. He refused to leave, eventhough I told him that I am not interested in any of his deals .He  was getting more and more aggressive and acted as if I have no choice but to change my energy provider to one that he suggests .
Australians are encountering more and more of these rogue energy sales men on a daily basis. Most of the time they employ misleading pressure sales tactics. The Ombudsman’s office received more than 10,700 complaints in 2010-11 about ”transfer” concerns, or switching suppliers. There were another 2624 marketing complaints – 1649 concerning ”misleading marketing” and 449 over ”pressure sales”.
As a consumer the law avail you certain rights in this matter.

Your rights when dealing with rogue door to door sales people

The Australian Consumer Law contains a number of legal rights for you as a consumer when dealing with sales people at your door, including:Direct Response Marketing

 Limited hours for contact

Door to door sales people cannot visit you on Sundays or public holidays; before 9am or after 6pm on weekdays and before 9am or after 5pm on Saturdays.

Disclosure requirements

By law, a door to door sales person must tell you their name, the contact details of the business they represent and why they are at your door.

Requirement to leave

If you ask a door to door sales person to leave they must go immediately and not return for 30 days.

How to deal with the situation ?
if you are a victim of a rogue energy door to door sales person . The following website link has the answers.
If you want to search for best energy suppliers in your area visit the website address below.

There are a few not so legal ways to handle a situation like this .Pouring real hot water on their faces as if you haven’t noticed their presence is one commonly employed tactic . But remember, this act of stupidity could put you on the wrong side of the law.

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