This is how Indian Origin candidates fared in South Australian State Elections 2018

South Australia went to the polls on 17th March 2018. With seven Indian origin candidates contesting the elections, we have extensively reported it in our webpage. With nearly 60% of the votes counted, clear results have emerged in most constituencies.

Below are the electorate by electorate results where Indian origin candidates contested


With 60% of the votes counted, on preference count Liberal party’s Deepa Mathew is trailing behind ALP’s John Rau. ALP sure to retain the seat. There is 4% swing against the Liberals here.

Deepa Mathew – LIB – Defeated


Independent candidate Frances Bedford won the seat with 17% swing. Labor Party’s Rick Morris came second. Liberal Party’s Gagan Sharma came a distant third.

Gagan Sharma – LIB – Defeated


Liberal Party’s Tim Whetstone retained the seat with SAB positioning to the second. Labor Party’s Sim Singh Malhi came third.

Sim Singh Malhi – Labor – Defeated


Liberal Party’s Richard Harvey predicted to retain the seat. SAB party’s Rajani Vasan came third

Rajani Vasan – SAB – Defeated


Labor Party’s Micheal Brown predicted to retain the seat. Labor Party’s Hemant Dave at a distance second in this safe Labor seat.

Hemant Dave – LIB – Defeated


Labor Party’s Jon Gee predicted to retain the seat. Liberal Party’s Sarika Sharma at a distant third with 17% of the votes casted.

Sarika Sharma – LIB – Defeated

Legislative Council

Independent candidate Amrik Singh Thandi unlikely to make it, garnering only .6% of the votes counted




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