Your toes and your personality

Your toes reveal a lot about your personality.This article is about reading the toes of a person to understand some of the striking characteristics of that individual. You would be surprised to know how much information is hidden in an individual’s body parts. Now let’s begin



The toes are

  1. Hallux (Big Toe)
  2. Index toe
  3. Middle Toe
  4. Fourth Toe
  5. Little Toe

If your toes stay closer without much gap between them, you probably are a wealthy person. You are someone from a good family and having at least a middle class existence. On the contrary, if there is plenty of gap between each toe and it looks as if they are spread out, you definitely struggle to make ends meet.

When you walk, if your sole touches the floor fully, most probably you are living below poverty line. This will happen when you have a flat bottom foot.

If there are some markings resembling conch or lotus on your soles, you are rich and will be respected by people around you.

If your big toe is square in shape and looks strong and dominant, you will always have the blessings of your deity.

long index toe

Longer index toe

If your index toe is longer than your big toe, you are someone who doesn’t like to depend on others and would like to boss around.

long middle finger

Longer middle toe

If your middle toe is longer than your index toe, all your wishes will be fulfilled. Or I would rather say, you will go any extend to make your wishes come true.

If your fourth toe is longer than your middle toe, you will be blessed with some ability or talent, and people around you will expect great things from you.

the toes same length

The toes of a fortunate person

If your big toe, index toe and the middle toe are of the same height and they are not too long compared to the size of your feet, you are a fortunate person. There should not be much gap between the toes.

If your toes are too long, you are someone who lives in the philosophical world and your life can be a struggle at times.

If you toe nails are large (big &wide) compared to the size of your toes, you are someone who likes to dominate those around you.

If you have white hair on top of your big toe, you will earn easy money

If you have black hair on top of your big toe, you will remain healthy.

If there is no hair or markings on top of your big toe, you are poor and insignificant.

If there are three cross lines on your big toe and your toe is shaped round from the nail to the second cross line, you are a lucky, hardworking and a family type of person.

Toe nails that are rounded inward like spoons rather than outward, may indicate a severe iron deficiency.

Yellow toenails indicate some health problem usually linked to your digestive organ or liver.

Nails that are pitted and thick are a sign of psoriasis.

downs syndrom toe

The Toes of a person with Down syndrome. Note the gap between hallux and index toe

Many cultures consider short and big hallux toes as a sign of intelligence.

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