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Asthma, Gout, Eczema, Piles and hay fever are the uninvited guests that invade Indians in the first few years of their stay in Australia. For Eczema, gout and piles, Ayurveda has comprehensive treatment methods. The Intention of this article is not to provide any directions for medication but to give an outline on the dietary controls specified in Ayurveda.

A brief introduction about ayurveda

Ayurveda provides a holistic approach to life by maintaining a dynamic equilibrium between the three element named doshas , dhatus and malas of which the human body is composed of .
Ayurveda says, inside the body there are three types of doshas which govern the physical and chemical activities. They are vayu (air) , pitta(bile) and kapha (phlegm) . These doshas are again divided into five each .
Dhatu is basically the body tissues which is responsible for the functioning of the systems and organs and the structure of the body. The seven dhathus are rasa( chyle including lymph) , Blood, muscles, fat , bone , bone marrow and semen.
Stool , Urine and sweat are the three important types of malas recognised in Ayurveda. Maintaining the equilibrium between these elements are important in Ayurveda for healthy living.
A disease is caused by the obstruction of the channels of circulation. The obstruction is caused by accumulation of waste products. The waste products can be eliminated if the enzymes of the locality are stimulated. Ayurvedic medicines do exactly that to control the diseases.

Ayurvedic medicine for Asthma

Strict No’s for Asthma Sufferers – Banana, Guava , fried items , Curd , Butter milk
Take food at least two hours before you retire to bed at night, ensure you are taking light food and avoid sour items.
Smoking should be avoided at any cost. Reduce the intake of tea or coffee.

Ayurvedic medicine for Eczema

Strict No’s for Eczema Sufferers – Pickles , Curd , Reduce salt intake
Food intake good for Eczema – Bitter gourd , neem flowers
Apply turmeric externally and can take turmeric internally with milk, one teaspoon twice daily.

Ayurvedic medicine for Piles

Strict No for Piles sufferers – Egg , peanuts
Food intake good for piles – Barley , wheat , Pappaya , Goat’s milk

Ayurvedic medicine for Gout

Strict No for Gout sufferers – Freshly harvested rice and wheat should not be given to the patient. Curd , Butter milk and fried food are not good for the patient
Food intake good for Gout – Old rice, Old wheat, bitter gourd , Pappaya , Moong dal , garlic and onion are good for the patient .
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