Corrupt Indians In Australia

This is a list of Indians in Australia involved in corruption. The list will be updated regularly.

Reetika Ajjan

Reetika Ajjan and her husband Jeetender Ajjan
Reetika Ajjan and her husband Jeetender Ajjan

News Item 2014

Reetika Ajjan, a former employee of the Australian Department of Immigration, is accused of supplying government information and equipment to an illegal racket run by her husband Jeetender, which resulted in more than 1,000 fraudulent visa applications.

S and S Migration, a migration firm run by Mr Ajjan and Mr Sodhani, used stolen departmental stamps and equipment as part of a scam in which hundreds of overseas workers and students paid large sums to obtain visas to which they were not entitled. Their houses were raided by Federal Police on October 2011. During the raid, immigration agents found $468,675 and a migration forgery operation, complete with several official departmental stamps and more than 1300 folders linked to general skilled migration claims ”with suspected false statements”.

Ms Ajjan and her husband are now living in Delhi and Australian authorities are attempting to recover the $1.2 million she transferred to India, which is believed to be the proceeds of crime, but the Australian Federal Police has indicated the money may be difficult to recover.

The Ajjans were allowed to wire more than $1 million to India and flee Australia in the days following a raid at their house

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