Indian found dead in Yarra River

Pradip KUmar

River cruise boat maintenance worker Josh Arslan phoned police after making the grisly find near Banana Alley just after 10am on 1st of December 2014. The body was submerged in the water near front of one of the cruise boats.

Water Police divers were called immediately and they used a wire mesh basket to retrieve the body. Police believe that the body could have been there for around two days. The dead body had a wallet in his pocket and police was able to locate his next of kin immediately.

pradikumar death

It was identified that the body is of of a Punjabi youngster, named Pradip Kumar from Saila Kalan, Dist Hoshiarpur ,Punjab (near Gadhshankar). Victoria Police is still investigating the cause of death. The dead man used to live in Noble Park. Anyone with information can contact Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000.

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