Do we need offshoots of Indian Political Parties in Australia?

Indian Political Parties in Australia

Australia is a pretty good country to live and no wonder Indians want to migrate here. From Middle East to Liberia, one will find Indian migrants, who left their motherland looking for greener pastures. In most of these places Indians do menial jobs to make a living in some of the most horrific working conditions. The one single reason the non-resident Indians hate about India is, its politics and the corruption associated with it. Almost all of India’s current problems of unemployment and poverty are directly linked to the inefficiency of the political system.

Now the question is,” do we have to import India’s political culture here in this lucky country?”. Many Indian political parties have offshoots here, like the Indian National Congress of Kerala state, Bharatiya Janata Party, Akali Dal, TMC,  RSS , Kerala Congress (M), Telugu Desam etc. etc. Unfortunately, from what I have observed, all the ‘chotta’ leaders of these political offshoots here, share common characteristics like greed and a desire to feel important. It is impossible for these “little leaders” to get noticed in the highly competitive murky world of politics in India. But Australia offered a unique opportunity to gain attention as the Indian population is still under the half a million mark and most, decent, good natured individuals looking for an honest living are not interested in forming a political offshoot here. That could be one reason only crooks are able to make good the opportunity.

As the purpose of establishing offshoots of political parties here is only to fill their pockets and feel important, it is natural that the fight for the control of these offshoots will be intensive. The infighting between the Indian Overseas Congress leaders in Australia will put to shame every Indian for the rest of their life. Fortunately at this point of time these political offshoots have only leaders and no followers. Opportunities for making money are enormous but standing shoulder to shoulder with visiting Indian Dignitaries is an added bonus and a large number of these so called leaders derive satisfaction from that. Posing for photos with visiting Indian political elite and posting them in Facebook are more than enough to satisfy the ‘feel important’ part of their psyche. But the danger is on the way, as they build a base of followers.

It is important for the Indian Community to nip these crooks from bud. We have had enough of Indian political culture and we should not encourage bringing that nasty culture here. We are done with Indian political parties and Australia is the last place, us – the inhabitants of this great country, would like to degrade to anarchy.

Indian Diaspora’s Views

How Indian political offshoots operate  in Australia?

Crooks have their own ways and means to exert their influence. Below  are a few:

  1. Conduct Cultural shows – This is an initial step and a good money making exercise. Organised with an eye on “Multicultural Affair grants” and income from ticket sales, these cultural shows will allow to build goodwill of the community and get noticed.
  2. Charity events: Charity is all about collecting money from others and giving a part of it to the needy and a larger part can be pocketed by the organisers themselves. Everything starts with blood donation camps. As everybody got blood, it is easier to organise and ultimately get noticed as noble individuals of pure heart.
  3. Donation Drive: This is the third stage and the most important stage. The opportunities to make money are plenty – from yearly membership fee to once in a while donation drive for causes like Utharakhand floods to Kashmir floods.

It is important that as a community, we Indians need to nip this from bud. Please do not co-operate with any cultural shows, charity events or Donation drives conducted by offshoots of Indian political parties here. For those interested in contributing for Charity events, please find respectable organisations and not crooks in disguise.

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