Durga Temple , Rockbank, Melbourne

Melbourne Durga Temple During construction

Durga Temple, Rockbank , Melbourne

The new Hindu temple devoted to Goddess Durga at Rock bank in Melbourne is the second largest Hindu temple in Melbourne. This sacred place is built with an intention to provide a platform to foster religious and cultural development in a community based environment. The Temple management is also keen to associate with charitable organisations to provide help for the needy. But time being all the resources are earmarked for the completion of the temple.

The Address of Durga Temple , RockBanks , Melbourne

705-715 Neale Road, Rockbank, 3335, Victoria, Melbourne, Australia
Phone : 97471628

Melbourne Durga Temple , Rock bank , Opening Hours

 8:00AM to 12:00 PM  and 4:00PM to 08:00 PM
 8:00AM – 8:00PM and  BHANDARA Every Sunday at       1:30 PM
Durga temple during diwali Celebrations

Web address for Durga Temple , Melbourne

http://www.sridurgatemple.com   ( A note of caution —  Temple website is mostly in a hacked state , and may spread virus , if clicked )

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