Filthy Indian Restaurant ‘Indian Feast’ fined $20,000 in Brisbane

The owner of the “Indian Feast” restaurant in Brisbane, Ravindra Prasad was fined more than $20,000 after pleading guilty to racially abusing a health inspector who found cockroach infestation in his business.

On 5th July 2017, a snap inspection by health inspectors found six breaches at “Indian Feast” restaurant in St Lucia, including improper food storage, a filthy kitchen with built up of food and grime, and unbelievable level of cockroach infestation.

The owner of the Restaurant, Ravindra Prasad was raving with anger when a female health inspector warned, his license would be suspended immediately. He tried to belittle her by making racially motivated comments about her competency in her job. The restaurant was immediately shut down for five days.

When the health inspectors returned for a follow up inspection a month later, they found further three beaches including issues with food temperatures.

During the court hearing, barrister Peter Trout defended his client saying, Prasad had been going though a stressful time as he was working 12 hours a day, to run the two restaurants he owned in Brisbane. He also said, his client is adequately remorseful and accepts that he should not have said ethnically insulting comments about the food inspector.

After migrating to Australia, Ravindra Prasad worked for 8 years in Tasmanian restaurants as a helper, before starting his own takeaway business in Brisbane. He runs another restaurant with his son at University of Queensland and is also involved in a third business.

Magistrate Anthony Gett fined Prasad $20,000 for the food safety breaches, $150 for insulting the health officer and ordered he pay the council’s costs of $251.

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