‘Fun fields’ is the hidden gem of Whittlesea. Most Melbournians were completely unaware of the existence of this fantastic theme park, just 40 km from Melbourne CBD until recently. The TV advertisement campaign undertook by the park management in the last couple of years, has changed the situation considerably.
Last summer when I visited the park with my seven year old daughter, I have fallen in love with the park instantly. Was it the country side charm of the surrounding areas or the sight of both the young and the old enjoying alike, that caught my attention? I am pretty sure, I won’t be able to single out one reason. It was all of that.
The water playground named ‘Wacky waters’ has Mushroom fountains, Water cannons, water jets and water slides. It is specifically made for kids with all the safety features with a safety attendant watching over your shoulders. You will find many adults having a good time long with their children.
The ride, the water tunnel, toboggan and the go cart will keep your children busy for a whole day. Remember: you can take the rides as many times as you want so leave early for the park to make good the whole day.
If you ask me what I liked most, I don’t have to look further than the bumper boats. Two naughty kids in another boat gave me a funfilled hard time. But time restrictions apply here. The other attractions are the water slides and mini golf.
If you bother to ask me what I hated most there, again I don’t have to look further than the ‘Black Birds fury’ the wave ride. I desperately wanted to jump off from that  as I felt that I can’t take it anymore. Your teens may enjoy the thrill. Try it yourself first before you allow your kids to take the ride.

 Funfields  Whittlesea

Entry Fee

 Entry & Unlimited Ride Prices*
 Anyone 142cm’s or taller
 Children between 100 & 141 cm’s
 Children under 100 cm’s
This information is correct as of 22nd August 2012 . For updated information visit
Funfields , Whittlesea opens at 10am and generally closes at 5:30pm


2365 Plenty Road
Whittlesea, Vic – 3757
Phone : 9716 1078

How to reach

Travelling by Car
If you’re travelling from Melbourne simply follow Plenty Rd. to Whittlesea. Funfields is located on the left hand side just before the Whittlesea Township.Melways Ref Map 246 E 10

Travelling by Train
Catch a train from Flinders Street to Greensborough [Hurstbridge Line] then catch the bus to Funfields route 562.

What to Wear

Swim suits are a must for water slides, so don’t forget to bring one. For everything else your casual dress may suffice. Fun field management advice you to apply sun cream on a sunny day. But I don’t as I always maintained that Sun creams are more harmful to our body than the SUN.

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