Grand Opening of Rockbank Durga Temple New building

Grand Opening of Rockbank Durga Temple New building

With Maa Durga’s grace and community support the new temple building is ready to be inaugurated on auspicious day of 30th Nov 2015 (Monday). Opening ceremony will continue for a week from 24th Nov (Tue) to 30th Nov (Mon) and there will be lots of opportunities to join in the celebration.

durga temple opening

It is a historic and once in a lifetime event for all community members. The temple committee invites and welcome everyone to be a part of this ceremony. Following are details of the schedule for a weeklong celebration.

Kalash Yatra

The celebrations will start with Kalash Yatra at 8:30 AM on Tuesday. The water collected from all Kalash by the devotees will be used for building “Shudhikaran” and during all ceremonies for next 7 days. It is an important ceremony that marks the beginning of celebrations and collects the water for all ceremonies.

Please call 9747 1628 before 22nd Nov to register and collect your dress and Kalash for Yatra before 24th.

durga temmple

The New Building

Pooja and Mantra Jaap

Pooja and Matra Jaap will continue every day from 24th Nov to 29th Nov from 8:30AM to 1 PM. Devotees can join the Matra Jaap and contribute towards the ceremonies everyday.

These pooja and mantra jaap will be recited for all deities in temple and will contribute towards praan pratishta on 30th Nov.

Havan, Katha and Pravachan

Thousands of Ahutis will be offered during 7 days of Havans from 5Pm – 7PM. All devotees are invited to join havan ceremonies for this historic and proud moment for our community.

Havan Ahutis will be offered for all dieties in temple.Join the temple committee and volunteers during Havan everyday.

karva chauth in tempoe

Karva Chauth katha at the Temple

Shobha Yatra

Shobha Yatra will be organised on 29th Nov (Sunday). Devotees can join the historic shobha yatra at 2PM from temple.

Temple Address

705-715 Neale Rd W, Rockbank VIC 3335

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