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Heide Modern Art Museum Templestowe

Hans Christian Anderson’s tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes “amused and is still amusing millions of children around the world. The story is about two weavers who promised an Emperor a new suit of finest clothes that is invisible to idiots. When the emperor paraded before his subjects in new pair of clothes, only a child dared to cry out saying, “The emperor is not wearing anything “. While laughing at the dopiness of the situation, we ignore the challenges of living in a pretence society. When life situations pose us an opportunity to cry out, “the King is naked “:  we play along with the pretence and praise the king for his wonderful attire. The desirability of keeping up the pretence becomes the norm; the king walks naked and the spectators gaze with their amused faces.

Eyesore  sculptures at the Garden

I was one such spectator at the Heide Museum of Modern Art at Templestowe. John and Sunday Reed’s fifteen acre property at Heidelberg; played host to modernist artists in the 1930’s ,40s and 50s. The well-known Heide Circle included Sam Atyeo , Albert Tucker , Sydney Nolan and Joy Tucker . The then emerging modern art covered their lack of talent to make good paintings and sketches. The Reeds; an infamous dysfunctional family then: as Sunday entertained their guests , the family’s collection of modern paintings increased. Despite the numerous affairs of Sunday Reed, the couples stayed together till death parted.

Like the King in ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes ‘ , I walked through the Heide Gallery, enjoying the paintings , pencil sketches and the less is more minimalist exhibition , which will put to shame even a five year old. “What makes this crap, classify as art? “. The many years of valuable time, I invested in mind control technics and meditation ended in a hopeless crash when I posed the question to the curator. “What makes this crap classify as art?”  The shock was evident in curator’s face, but soon regained the composure and in a well admirable professional manner she replied, “Those are from well established artists”. Here I am not trying to dissuade any future visitors to the Heide Modern Art Gallery. Instead, my advice to all my readers is to visit the gallery at least once in your life time, and feel like a king, of course, like the king in the above story.

If public or Government fund is used in the recent purchases of art by this gallery, what is needed is an investigation into the affairs of the Gallery. The public has a right to know, the criteria established for the purchasing process. Is there any invisible hand helping the friends and cronies, by purchasing their so called modern art at hefty prices?

Even though the art is bad, the café is good and so are the surroundings. The Yarra River and the surrounding green hills and the trees create an ideal setting for artistic minds to blossom. The pristine surroundings and the happy kids playing around makes the best natural art. But beware there are many eyesores around, which are classified as sculptures by the museum. This museum is a national shame and requires the attention of the people concerned.

The Good art at the garden

The address of Heide Museum of Modern Art

7 Templestowe Road
Bulleen, VIC 3105
Opening Hours for Heide Modern Art Museum , Templestowe
Open Tuesday-Sunday 10am-5pm
Closed Mondays

Contact information

T (03) 9850 1500
Museum Admission
Entry Fee for Heide Modern Art Museum
Adult $14
Senior $12
Concession $10
Members and children under 12 FREE
Gardens & Sculpture Park FREE

Café Vue at Heide

Tuesday-Friday 10am-5pm
Saturday-Sunday 9am-5pm
Closed Mondays
T [03] 9852 2346


The good news is that the $14 fee will apply only for the Gallery. The garden and the surrounding areas are free to visit. Use the $14 to buy your five year old oil paints and a few sketch pens. Enjoy the art.


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