How to get a job in Australia


How to find work in Australia

Finding a meaningful work is a daunting task anywhere in the world and Australia is no exemption. A recent migrant from India will find it even more difficult as studies reveal that foreign or indigenous sounding names give people less chance of landing a job in Australia. Andrew Leigh , Elena Vargonova and Alison Booth, all  researchers from Australian National University, confirms this fact after conducting a study based on 4000 samples. The consoling fact for Indians is that Chinese will find it even more difficult to land in a job, compared to Indians.


Contacting the Employers Directly

Many organisations don’t advertise their vacancies as soon as a vacancy arises. Some fill their vacancies through word of mouth: through their employees and contacts . So the early bird has more chances of catching the fly. Phone, write or visit organizations, you would like to work for. Most organisations list their vacancies in their company website. So check the career section of company websites regularly.

Asking friends and relatives

Ask friends and relatives who work organisations that you are interested in if there is a suitable position for you.

News Papers

Local, state and interstate newspapers publish job vacancies, Wednesday and Saturdays are the main days for the advertisements.The Age and Heraldsun carries many pages of job advertisements .


Visit the local Centrelink or Job Services Provider Office and use the facilities to view on the Australian Job search Database. The database can be accessed through the website

Employment agencies

Employment agencies match jobseekers with employer’s vacancies. You can find agencies in yellow pages or employment section of the newspaper. Most agencies will ask you to complete a registration or application form and for some jobs an short test to check your aptitude or other skills.

Internet job search

There are many website that list job vacancies

General job search databases

Job search databases specifically for Graduates

Examples of industry-specific job search databases

There are numerous recruitment agencies, job vacancy databases and job search engines available online. Here are some examples of the types of job vacancy databases which exist, however it is not an exhaustive list of what is available.



Community, Development & Non-Government Organisations

Engineering & IT

Government- Local, State & Federal

Health industry

Science and Environment


Government Jobs
Government jobs are also listed online. Vacancies in Federal Government departments are advertised in the Australian Public service Gazette, which is published each Thursday and can be accessed at
You can view vacancies in all states at . Vacancies in state and territory government departments are listed on the following sites

Applying for positions
Most Job advertisements ask you to submit an application by email or post., Check for the closing date – this is the date by which the employer must receive your application . Job application may require you to address the selection criteria. Most applications are written in two parts. The first part is short letter, called cover letter, saying that you would like to apply for the job and reasons why. The second part is a summary of your personal details called resume or curriculum vitae.

What the employers look for

How well you communicate, including structure, grammar, spelling and punctuation
Your experience, skills and qualifications
Clues to your employability skills and attributes
Your professionalism and attention to details.

Australian Facts
On one night at the battle of Fromelles in France 5533 Australians died. This is the highest number of Australian deaths in any war in one day.Hi Everybody !

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