India2Australia Recipe Competition


The Winner Takes Home Australian$500

Email us your recipes with minimum three photos and your details. Recipes can be of dishes of any type.

  1. Photo of the ingredients
  2. One or more photos of the preparation
  3. The photo of the final Dish
  4. The literature should include ingredients list, serving size, preparation details and preparation time.
  5. Your trips and tricks of preparation a bonus


Email the details to us at:

Winner will be selected based on the maximum number of votes. So send your entries at the earliest

Competition Closes on 15th November 2016. Prize distributed on 17th November 2016

Conditions for Entering the competition

  1. The submitted entries should be your original work. Already published work will be rejected and won’t be considered for the competition. Plagiarism is a serious offence
  2. Submitted entries, if published in our website will become the property of
  3. One person can submit up to 7 entries.
  4. This competition is open to people around the world irrespective of their country of residence.
  5. Along with your recipe we are happy to publish your individual or family photo, a brief description about you which can include your passions and even a short life history.

If you agree to the above mentioned conditions, email your recipes to to win A$500 which is the First Prize. – News and Media for Indians in Australia

If you have any questions, please use the comments section. We will answer all you questions



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