Latest Christmas decorations for 2015

Latest Christmas decorations for 2015

Christmas is celebrated all around the world in such a massive scale that it kick-starts and boosts the economic engine and spreads wealth and prosperity irrespective of cast and creed. The significance of the miraculous event of the birth of Jesus Christ the Savior, always has to content with the second fiddle. A few centuries before, Christmas decorations were inspired by the concept of Baby Jesus in a manger. But today, sky is the limit for imagination and anything that inspires creativity decides the mode of decorations.

For greater part of humanity, Christmas has no legitimate meaning at all due to their conflicting views and religious sentiments but still people want to be part of this great celebration of joy. Today Christmas unites the world and brings cheer to the face of every individual and people consider engaging in decorating their home and Streets as a moral responsibility. The arrival of New-year a few days away from Christmas cheer, exchanging gifts, decorating Christmas trees and wreaths signifies a new beginning as the baton of change and happiness is passed on to the imminent arrival of the New-year.

Even though the style of decoration remains the same in its core, different trends appear each year to satisfy those looking for a change. Christmas makes people busy in different endeavours whether it is throwing parties, gathering ornaments or shopping for gifts for friends or relatives.

If you want to ensure that your decorations stand out look out for latest trends from current editions of magazines. We have done some research to help you in your decorations.

Christmas Decorations at the home entrance

Christmas home entrance decoration 1-1

Image Source: Styleestate Blog

Simple and elegant, the theme may capture your imagination, but keep the simplicity for some other occasion. Christmas is not the occasion for being simple. Extravagance should be the theme for Christmas. Home entrance makes the first impression, so it is the most important part of the décor. Most associate front door decoration with a simple wreath. That is the mental picture most get because of association. If you have a classy front door, a nice looking wreath is a reasonable suggestion. It need not be always on the front door, if you have reasonably big windows, you may place them on the windows too. When you keep more than one wreath ensure that you place them all at the same height. You can try hanging some stockings instead of wreaths too.

front door christmas decoration 2

You can even move away from the traditions and go for a leafy style as in this picture.

Image Source: HomeEdit

Inside the home decorations

Fire Place

Fire Place has a rather intimate connection with Christmas legend, moreover fire place occupies one of the most prominent and eye catchy locations in a home. Whether you go for a simple or rather extravagant design, ensure that you are making it special.

fireplace decoration

Image Source: Pinterest

This Fireplace Mantel decorated with greenery garlands and ornaments are simple in design but shows the sophistication of the designer.

Fire place Christmas decoration 2-4

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These beautiful mantel arrangements makes the fireplace an eye catching focal point.

Fire place 3-4

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This fire place decoration theme is stockings. It is very traditional in style and adds some cosiness to the entire home. If you do not use the fireplace, hang some stockings. You can go for either cloth or wooden stockings.

Living room Christmas decorations

It is always best to keep the living room Christmas decorations simple and elegant. Always add some personal style to your decorations. A simple design never blocks your way and will be helpful in carrying on with your daily chores while maintaining the Christmas spirit and bringing joy to the eyes of the children. Christmas tree is an unavoidable addition in living room decorations but let us explain in detail about it later in the article.

living room christmas decorations

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Always ensure that living room decorations match with the colour and shades of your room. The decoration should exude cheer and happiness. A decorated Christmas tree, colourful lighting installation and cheerful messages of Christmas on the walls are inviting additions. Christmas figurines will add charm to the whole scene.

How to decorate a Christmas tree

Decorating Christmas tree is a time honoured tradition around the world. Christmas tree decorations have undergone systematic change over the years. In early 19th century, Christmas Trees were decorated mostly with homemade ornaments. But today almost anything and everything can be placed on the tree as long as it looks good.

Christmas tree1

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If you are planning any lighting decorations, go for it first. Choose the light strand colour that matches your tree. Start from the base of the tree and work your way up. You can use traditional incandescent lights, LED lights, Globe lights or Bubble lights.

Christmas tree2

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Draping the tree with garlands will give a wholesome feeling. Start from the top of tree, as you go down increase the amount of garland between each wave.

Next, hang the ornaments, Ornament of similar style or size, looks best when placed evenly around the around tree.

Christmas tree 3

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How to proceed with Christmas decorations

First and foremost, make a plan and have a rough idea on how to proceed with your decoration. Having a theme for decoration gives a flow. Picture yourself from the beginning, how you want your home to look like.

Make a list of decorating items you currently have in stock and the list of items you need to purchase. All of your last year’s stock can be skilfully used this year too.

When you are decorating start from the highest place and come down from there. Make sure that safety is your utmost concern whether it is lightings or decorative items at the top.

Christmas Dining Table decoration Ideas

Christmas table decorations1

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Christmas Table Decorations 2

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Dining table decorations 3

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