Meet Kaushalya Vaghela -The first Indian born MP in Victorian Parliament

Labor candidate Kauishalya Vaghela has been elected to represent the Western Metropolitan region in the Victorian Legislative Council.

The elected candidates for the Western Metropolitan region are

1             Cesar Melhem     –   Labor

2             Bernie Finn         –     Liberal

3             Ingrid Stitt           –     Labor

4             Kaushaliya Virjibhai Vaghela  –    Labor

5             Catherine Rebecca Cumming –    Derryn Hinch Justice Party


Previously Ms Vaghela served as Multicultural Advisor to the Labor Party-led Victorian Government and also served as the President of the Victorian chapter of Subcontinental Friends of Labor (SCFOL),

The Victorian Legislative Council (VLC) is the upper house of the Parliament of Victoria. The lower house is the Legislative Assembly.The legislative council serve as house of review like the Australian Senate in Federal Parliament.

The presiding officer of the council is the President of the Legislative Council. The electoral regions have five members each serving a four-year term. The regions are below

Eastern Metropolitan Region

Northern Metropolitan Region

South Eastern Metropolitan Region

Southern Metropolitan Region

Western Metropolitan Region

Eastern Victoria Region

Northern Victoria Region

Western Victoria Region


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