Nine Gems are believed to represent nine heavenly bodies. Wearing them are considered auspicious and believed to enhance good effects.

Nine Gems and their Indian or Hindi names

Pearl( Mothi)
RedCoral (Pavizham)
Emerald (Marathakam)
Diamond (Vajram)
BlueSapphire (Indra neelam)
Gomedhakam (Hessonite)
Cat’s Eye (Vaiduryam)


Navratnas and heavenly bodies


Ruby (Manikkam) represents Sun
Natural pearl (Moti) represents Moon
Red coral( Pavizham) represents Mars
Emerald (Marakatam) represents Mercury
Yellow sapphire (Pushyaragam) represents Jupiter
Diamond (Vairam) represents Venus
Blue sapphire (Indra-neelam) represents Saturn
Hessonite (Gomedhakam) represents Rahu, the ascending lunar node

Cat’s eye (Vaiduryam) represents Ketu, the descending lunar node


The nine gems or navratnas. Based on an individual’s horoscope either a single gem or combination of gems are worn to enhance the beneficial effects of planets or to counter act harmful effects. It is believed that gems have healing properties too. It is important to wear gems free of impurities or cracks or other flaws. Wearing a gem which is cracked, fissured, devoid of luster or appearing rough will bring unluck. Among the nine ratnas given, ratnas for Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are to be worn on left hand and the remaining on right hand. The reason being that those for mars, Saturn, rahu and ketu are to reduce the malefic effects of the planets, but others are to enhance the good effects of the planets.

When you wear gems for astrological reasons, you should get your horoscope studied by a good vedic astrologer and get recommendations. Many chose diamonds based on their birth star. Cat’s eye for Aswathi, Hessonite for Thiruvathira and Emerald for Ayilyam. This is not the correct method to follow. Because some planetary configurations will give very bad effects if you choose your gems this way.

You may wear gems as rings or pendants in silver or gold. But both sides should be open. For transparent gems like ruby, Emerald, Yellow Sapphire, Diamond and Blue diamond, it is not mandatory that they should touch your body (but it is better if they touch your body). But pearl and red coral should touch your body.

When you wear more than one gem, ensure that you are not wearing these gems together.

Ruby and Blue Sapphire
Red Coral and Blue Sapphire
Yellow Sapphire and diamond.

But you can wear the gems given below together
Pearl and red coral
Ruby and yellow sapphire
Emerald, blue sapphire and diamond


Navratna rings (Nine gem rings)


Many believe that it is good to wear Navratna rings irrespective of the planetary positions in their birth chart. But it is not true. Before wearing Navratnas you should contact a good astrologer. It will give bad effects to people with some planetary configurations. A Good astrologer will consider the position of Venus in your chart.

It is also believed that ratnas can control diseases. Below are the list of gems considered good for certain health conditions.

Blood pressure – Red coral

Heart diseases – Blue sapphire

Diabetes – Emerald

Mental problems – Pearl , Red coral

TB – Red Coral , Yellow Sapphire

Skin diseases – White Coral, Yellow Sapphire

Cancer – Red coral


Ratnas suitable for Nakshtras

Aswathi, Makam, Moolam – Cat’s eye

Bharani, Pooram , Pooradam – Diamond

Karthika, Uthram, Uthradam – Ruby

Rohini, Atham, Thiruvonam – Pearl

Makayiram, Chithira, Avittam – Red Coral

Thiruvathira, Chothi, Chathayam – Hessonite

Punartham, Visakham, Pooruruttathi – Yellow Sapphire

Pooyam, Anizham, Uthrattathi – Blue Sapphire

Aayilyam, Ketta, Revathi – Emerald


Which finger to wear the ratnas?



Male – Right hand ring finger , Female – Left hand ring finger


Both male and female can wear on either little finger or ring finger

Red Coral

Male – Right hand ring finger Female – Left hand ring finger


Male – Right hand little finger , Female – Left hand little finger

Yellow Sapphire

Male – Right hand index finger, Female – Left hand index finger


Male – Right hand little finger, Female- Left hand little finger

Blue Sapphire

Male – Right hand middle finger, Female- Left hand middle finger

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