Sam Abraham – Cyanide murder Case Trial begins in Melbourne

The trial of Sofia Sam and her lover Arun Kamalasanan has begun before Justice Paul Coghlan,  in the Supreme Court in Melbourne on 29th January 2018. Arun Kamalasanan and Sofia Sam are accused of killing Sofia’s husband Sam Abraham by pouring cyanide-laced orange juice down his throat while he slept at his Epping home in October 2015.

Prosecutor Kerri Judd, QC quoted specific lines from the diary relevant to the case.. The diary entries were read out in the Court to prove that they were carrying out an illicit affair for two years which resulted in the murder.

Entries from Sofia’s diary are as follows

“Brought this diary for $3, you know why I need this diary?  it’s a secret I will tell you later OK.”

“We never know why we like someone more than others why……… we love someone without a reason. Why we feel happy for them……..some relations has no explanation.”

“I feel to hug you and comfort you. Don’t look at me like this or I will start crying. I want to hug you and make all your sorrows disappear.”

“Was waiting…with your memories on my mind I’m waiting for you.”

“You are unable to meet me. I’m unable to live. Miss you a lot. What kind of senselessness is this? I fail to understand.”

” I wish to sleep in your arms but I can’t do that. I want to be yours but you are not mine. You are the one for me but you don’t belong to me.”

“I do remember you first in this day. I’m the lucky girl in this world. But on the other hand I am still the unlucky girl.”

“Miss you a lot dear. Can you hold me tight? I want to drift away in your love. I want to forget myself in your arms hug me tight…hold me nude”

“Why am I made with a heart of rock. Why I am so cruel. Why am I so cunning…why you make me a bad person”.

“I wish to sleep in your arms but I can’t do that, I want to be yours but you are not mine, you are the one for me but you don’t belong to me,”

Entries from Kamalasanan’s electronic diary are as follows

“It may take thousands of books to describe how much I love my love, my eternal love,” he wrote.

“It took a long time to gather the strength to let her know about my love and how much I love. Now she knows how much I love her.”

“I am afraid ……… how many more days I need to live in pain without her?”

After arriving in Melbourne, Kamalasanan wrote in his diary, “Met my love for the first time in Melb. after seven months. Yes, I reached near her. A promise, to be there, wherever you go,”

“She’s best match for me in all ways. What to do. I am sure that one day she will be mine, this life or next. I will wait for her. I am afraid……how many more days? ’ I need to live in pain without her.”

Sofia Sam and her friend Arun Kamalasanan are charged with poisoning Sofia’s husband Sam Abraham to death. Arun Kamasanan is also charged for attempting to murder Sam inside his car at the Lalor train station in July 2015. It is alleged, A balaclava-clad Kamalasanan unsuccessfully tried to murder Mr Abraham in July 2015 at the Lalor train station car park. Sam Abraham made a complaint to the Police after the incident, and also handed over a Balaclava belonging to the attacker, which he managed to get hold of.


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