Taj Pabari is Queensland’s Young Australian of the Year 2017

The young Inventor and social entrepreneur, Taj Pabari is chosen as the Young Australian of the Year 2017 from Queensland as a finalist for the National Young Australian of the year 2017.  The mastermind behind game-changing social enterprise Fiftysix Creations, Taj Pabari is a young inventor and social entrepreneur taking the world by storm. Describintej-pabarig his idea as the ‘LEGO of the 21st century’, Taj cleverly combines hardware, software and education, enabling children to not just consume the world we live in but to create it.

The Fiftysix build-it-yourself tablet and coding kit is as easy as a puzzle and as engaging as a computer game, and is being used in schools around the world. Taj has partnered with the Foundation for Young Australians to build capacity in disadvantaged communities, and Taj and his team have educated more than 43,000 students in Australia and internationally.

 Balancing his education and entrepreneurial endeavours is not easy, and Taj wakes up at 4am every day before heading off to high school. Taj has big dreams to expand his social enterprise and has set a goal of educating one million kids by 2020.

He already has several years of business experience, public speaking engagements and a string of awards and accolades under his belt. The Brisbane schoolboy started his first venture — a technology blog for children — at the tender age of 11.

When his peers tell him they don’t know how he does it, Taj has a simple answer; “If you are really passionate about something and you can channel that into something you can create, you just need to do it. I love the quote ‘have the passion, take the action and the magic will happen’.”

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