Thugs Of Hindostan Movie Review for Aussie Indians

Amir Khan Movies come with great expectations and Thugs of Hindostan was no different. When director Vijay Krishna Acharya tried to mix action, adventure and fantasy to create a Hollywood effect in Bollywood, along with it, gone the great reputation of Amir Khan. To make it short, Thugs of Hindustan is an uninspiring, occasionally boring, big budget movie. It has all the technical ingredients of a big budget production but at the end it did not serve the purpose. The movie is not an entertainer – End of story.

The story begins in 1795, when British officer named Clive deceives the Sultan Mirza, kills him, his son and wife but the little princess Zafira was saved by Mirza’s trusted officer Khudabakshi played by Amitabh Bachchan. Bachchan tried to do a Shehensha here and succeeded, so is Amir Khan, who exuberated his innocent charm all through the movie.

Katrina Kaif was degraded to the level of an item dancer and her over sold body with bare minimum clothes, is not enough to save the movie becoming a Box office flop, in this era of free porn. The actions sequences which should have kept the audience on the toe, looked more like poorly choreographed computer games.

For an Aussie family, a movie outing is an affair that costs at least a hundred bucks. Those who have already wasted that hard-earned money may feel that it is a criminal offence to make movies like this.


Movie rating – 5/10

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