Unhealthy and Adulterated Nirapara Brand Products – A warning for Indians in Australia

Unhealthy and Adulterated Nirapara Brand Products – A warning for Indians in Australia

Nirapara Brand Chilli Powder, Turmeric powder and Coriander Powder are banned in Kerala with immediate effect by the Food and Safety Commissioner of Kerala, T.V .Anupama to protect consumer interest.

The Kerala-based firm was manufacturing and selling adulterated spices powder claiming it to be pure in the packets and the media advertisements. This is the reason cited by the Commissioner for banning the products. The storage sale and distribution of these products are banned in Kerala.

Nirapara unhealthy

Nirapara brand of products are manufactured by KKR Food Products in Kalady, Kerala. Nirapara spices. Nirapara pickles, puttu podi, rice podi and curry masala’s are popular among Indians in Australia. Nirapara is one of the leading manufacturer of Indian spices used in Australia.

These banned products are still on the shelf for sale, in three of the major Indian retailers in Melbourne, when we checked. So it is at the discretion of the consumers not to buy these products.

It is in our best interests to boycott all products manufactured by this unscrupulous manufacturer. Such manufacturers should be sent out of business for the common good.

It said the food and safety commissioner was exercising the powers within the state as the manufacturers refused to comply with her earlier instructions. The products, samples of which were collected from various centers in the state, were found unsafe to eat.

These products are found to be extremely harmful to the health and well-being of consumers. These products were found to be adulterated with cheap and harmful starch powder.

The manufacturer was asked to recall all the prohibited products from the market

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